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Tigh Liza Unique Self-Catering Cottage 

Whilst the allure of Ardnamurchan lies in its remoteness, there are small towns and villages dotted around the region. The village of Acharacle is only three miles away and contains some small shops and two delightful restaurants/hotels (Salen and Loch Shiel) for meals out.

One of the main attractions of the peninsula is the native wildlife that thrives due to the

area's unique environment and ecosystem. The croft is situated on the fringe of an area

designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its wild flowers and varied assortment of indigenous mosses. A diverse collection of animal species can be found in the region, including deer, eagles, buzzards, pine martens, and even the critically endangered and elusive Scottish Wildcat. Offshore, the seas are teeming with more fascinating creatures such as dolphins, whales, sharks, and seals. The best way to get close to these incredible creatures is by embarking upon one of the captivating marine wildlife trips that are available.

A trip to Ardnamurchan wouldn't be complete without exploring the rugged Atlantic coastline. Breath-taking, unspoilt beaches hug the peninsula and the Stevenson Lighthouse allows you to stand on the edge of Britain as the western-most point of the mainland, offering an unparalleled vantage point from which to survey the horizon. The beaches of Sanna by the Ardnamurchan lighthouse and Singing Sands (only three miles away) are particular highlights.

If just gazing out onto the irresistible ocean isn't enough, boat trips to the Inner Hebrides islands that patrol the shore are highly recommended. The Isle of Mull is a particular favourite with a plethora of activities available, including exploring the ancient caves and the brand-new catch-and-release aquarium.

There is also a variety of Activities and Things To Do available within driving distance, most notably: 

Tigh Liza, Arivegaig, Acharacle, Ardnamurchan, PH36 4LE, Scotland

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